ABOUT Disinfecting Environmental Solutions

Benefits of using Disinfecting Environment Solutions

  • uses EPA registered products
  • Innovative technology
  • offer “green” solutions
  • environmentally conscious & friendly
  • improve indoor air quality
  • cost competitive & effective disinfecting

Disinfecting Environmental Solutions was founded upon principals of GREEN Cleaning, disinfecting and environmental solutions. Prior to the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic declared across the world. This was a priority for us to provide green solutions to the world of disinfecting.

DES is launching in the direction of environmentally friendly and conscious cleaning and disinfecting products. It is natural then that our first wave of product focus would support the concept of “Green” cleaning. Because of this, and our high standards of working with hospital-grade disinfectants, we have been drawn to Vital Oxide. Couple this with the technologically sound and time and energy-efficient application process of electrostatic spraying and you have a solid foundation for a beginning. You also have a Complete Disinfecting Solution.

The company is based in Los angeles, california provides commercial Disinfecting and steralizing services to help essential businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. utilizes an EPA certified hospital grade disinfectant that is applied ELECTROSTATICALLY and FOGGING THE ENTIRE PROPERTY (indoors and outdoors).

The electrostatic spray permeates the applied area with a clean, biodegradable and non-toxic to humans and pets hospital grade disinfectant that penetrates deep into all surfaces within the applied area to ensure complete surface coverage. Through the electrostatic application, the disinfecting particles are bonded to the surfaces for longer-lasting efficacy and protection.

Vital Oxide is a category 4 rated chemical on the EPA toxicity chart for chemicals (ex: category 1 – chlorine bleach, category 4 = water)

Anti-Microbial Efficacy. The Complete Disinfecting Solution kills most, if not all of the major super bugs. Please refer to other information regarding elimination of any other microorganisms or pathogens.

Complete surface coverage. The electrostatic spray application produces a: less than 40 micron droplet size that is known by scientists to improve biological activity. It permeates the entire environment and penetrates deep into all surfaces while penetrating by itself within the environment to ensure complete surface coverage.

Environment friendly and environmentally conscious. Through electrostatic spraying there will be no contaminated water to collect, no harmful by-products and no harmful VOC’s.

Minimizes down time through rapid treatment – application time is dependent upon the size of the surface area being applied. With utilizing the Complete Disinfecting Solution the fine mist that is applied to the surface will dry almost on contact due to the ambient heat of that surface. The moisture is evaporated leaving the active ingredients of the vital oxide on the surface to continue to disinfect on a residual basis. your environment will be back to its normal operation within 5 to 10 minutes of the application of the Complete Disinfecting Solution.

The advantages of the Commercial Disinfecting Services can be summarized as follows.

  • Cleaning, sanitizing, deodorizing, disinfecting and allergen-reducing products that can be used in all environments
  • EPA registered products
  • Improves air quality
  • Rapid Electrostatic spray that permeates and protects all surfaces, making the chemical application penetrate deeper and last longer
  • Helps to eliminate bacteria, viruses, molds, mildew and odors
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Rapid treatment of only 5-10 minutes minimizing down dime
  • Environment friendly with no water or toxic chemical run-off
  • Cost competitive and effective
  • It will help prevent costly legal expenses
  • The “residual effect’ lasts longer in our process compared to other cleaning actions.
  • Adds an extra layer of protection over and above your normal janitorial cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Company

Commercial Cleaning Company provides their clients with commercial and janitorial cleaning services for variety of business industries, including the following but not limited to: Commercial Cleaning Services
Office Cleaning Services
Restaurant cleaning
Industrial Facilities
Janitorial Services
Fitness Centers, gym clubs
Auto Dealership cleaning

We provide professional commercial janitorial services for all Chicago and suburbs.

Commercial Cleaning


Cleaning Specs

We at disinfecting Environmental solutions offers Commercial Cleaning Services Company strive to provide the best commercial, and office cleaning services. NationalDisinfecting. is the leader of Commercial Cleaning in California, specifically Los Angeles, Riverside, San bernardino, Orange, San Francisco counties. It is managed by the department takes pride on enhancing your commercial business by giving you a

professional commercial cleaning services that will save you time, money and will enhance your businesses image. full commercial cleaning services.

All specs are configured to your need’s so you hvae done all you need to have it done.

We do our best to have all costumers satisfied with our job. We don’t cut corners in matter of commercial cleaning, we do everything what to get all corners cleaned out. We are available at any time to start working on your project, please contact us.

Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

Offered by

Janitorial Services

We provide our clients with detailed daily specifications list which we can track. Our specifications reflects on day to day basis task which needs to be done, we will generate specs that will satisfy you in 100%. We strive for 100% feedback from our clients.

Please Call us at 888-700-6988 for more information and to get more details about disinfecting


Airbnb disinfecting properties in Los Angeles

Who else is aware of the issues we are facing due to coronavirus (covid19)  when it comes to rental properties? We have 2400 square feet per property and we are facing a pandemic because of AIRBNB rental properties.  

Who else is doing Airbnb rentals during coronavirus covid19? 

We hired a disinfecting company in los angeles to help disinfect 109 of our rental properties listed on AIRBNB websites 
We hired a company called NationalDisinfecting call their line: 888-700-6988 open 24 Hours


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